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Washington-Harris Group, Inc.
Washington-Harris Group, Inc.
Washington-Harris Group, Inc.
Washington-Harris Group, Inc.
Washington-Harris Group, Inc.
Washington-Harris Group, Inc.
Washington-Harris Group, Inc.
Washington-Harris Group, Inc.
Washington-Harris Group, Inc.
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The WHG Performance History table illustrates a brief account of our performance in providing physicians, nurses, physician extenders and ancillary personnel to healthcare facilities in multiple locations.

  • Los Angeles County Department of Health Services
  • King Drew Medical Center (Martin Luther King, Jr. Medical Center)
  • Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science
  • Alameda County Health Services Agency
  • Harris, Fishbourne & LaMotte, PA
  • District of Columbia Chartered Health Plan
  • Diagnostic Health Imaging Systems, Inc.
  • Government of the US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas
  • Dr. Kadie E. Leach Enterprises
  • National Association of Public Hospitals (NAPH)
  • Health and Hospitals Corporation
  • International Management Development and Training, Inc. (IMDT)
  • Installation Management Agency
  • Healthcare Strategies
  • ALCEL, Inc.
  • Barksdale AFB
  • Shaw AFB
  • Vigoro Corporation
  • St. Thomas Hospital
  • The MRI Institute
  • Woodhull Hospital
  • Davis-Monthan AFB
  • Marriott Corporation
  • Harlem Hospital Center
  • Kenner Army Health Center
  • Lomax Health Systems, Inc. National Naval Medical Center (NNMC)
  • The Center for Life Enrichment (TCLE)
  • National Rehabilitation Hospital
  • St. Mary's County Development Center
  • District of Columbia Public Schools
  • Bureau of Land Management, Department of Interior
  • Department of Health and Human
  • Services/Administration for Children and Families
  • Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC)
  • Naval Medical Logistics Command
  • WINN Army Community Hospital Fort Stewart
  • Dilorenzo Tricare Health Clinic, Pentagon Branch
  • Medical Command, Fort Sam Houston, TX
  • Womack Army Medical Center, Fort Bragg, NC
  • Ellsworth AFB
  • Seymour AFB
  • Minot AFB
  • Whiteman AFB
  • Fort McCoy
  • Lackland AFB
  • Highland General Hospital
  • United States Air Force
  • Summit Health
  • Fort Lee
  • Fort Bragg
  • Flu Busters
  • DOCS, Inc.
  • Cannon AFB
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Camp Atterbury
  • Department of the Army (Army Contracting Command)
  • Coatesville VA Medical Center
  • Nellis AFB
  • Fort Sill
  • Beale AFB
  • Edwards AFB
  • Keesler AFB
  • MacDill AFB
  • Moody AFB
  • Travis AFB
  • Wright-Patterson AFB
  • Little Rock AFB
  • Holloman AFB
  • Dyess AFB
  • Joint Base Charleston, SC
  • McConnell AFB
  • Vandenberg AFB
  • Kirtland AFB
  • Dover AFB
  • Sheppard AFB
  • Grand Forks AFB
  • Joint Base Andrews-NAF
  • Mountain Home AFB
  • Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam AFB
  • Andersen AFB
  • Joint Base Andrews AFB
  • Hickman AFB
  • Robins AFB
  • Fairchild AFB
  • Tinker AFB

Current and Past Performance in all 50 States and Territories


Fort Lee Army Community Hospital, Fort Lee VA- Mid-level Providers: WHG literally took over a contract "overnight." WHG was invited to take over a contract in crisis-mode at the time. With low morale and an almost mutinous mode it was rumored staff had contacted or was soon to contact congressional representatives on their working situation. Contract Officer announced WHG award and that we would meet with staff before 7 AM start of work the next morning. Driving almost two hundred miles overnight WHG was there on time to welcome, orient and onboard the new staff. Beginning on Day One we quickly stabilized the staff through empowering and skillful management, team building approaches. Included was our well established human resources support, and a very competitive retention oriented compensation package, thus allowing Kenner Army Health Clinic to meet their mission requirements on a continuing basis. WHG Team moved to match the requirements of each position with the right staff to ensure the seamless operation of the clinic. We continued to achieve and maintain a competitive pay and benefits as the center of our compensation package, including PTO and CHE. Screening and vetting every candidate validated our retention and conclusion that our staff was the reason for our success.

WHG ARMY National Guard Contract -This was a "first ever" contract when WHG was awarded the opportunity. There were zero incumbents, therefore WHG (and team members) started with no employees. We had to recruit/retain all 169 required personnel (nurse case managers, social workers, medical record technicians and administrative assistants) in less than 60 days. These activities included recruitment, screening, selection and on boarding in all 50 states and 4 territories. We completed our assignment in 45 days!
For a four (4) year period WHG provided medical and dental case management and administrative assistance staffing in support of Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) to the 54 states and territories. WHG provided all labor and services required to provide a wide range of medical and dental case management and administrative support services including Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) support, Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP) support, Soldier Readiness Certification (SRC) support and Line of Duty (LOD) management, including Return To Duty (RTD) status or referral to a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB). The services included medical management related to the Line of Duty (LOD) secondary to any (SRP) and (IMR) focus.
We were tasked to logistically arrange for all the ARNG Contract Employees from all 50 states and U.S. Territories to meet in Little Rock, AR, @ the ARNG Training Center to training with the Deputy Surgeon Generals and other ARNG personnel during their annual training. We successfully completed and coordinated the roundtrip travel, hotel accommodations, meals etc., on time and under budget.

WHG staffed and retained, staffing for 182 FTE personnel consisting of case managers and administrative assistants. Our skilled program managers, recruiters/credentials, support and managerial staff kept our fill rate at 97 percent. With close, coordinated and continuous hands-on involvement we kept every position 100% filled throughout all CONUS and OCONUS locations. Our ability to ensure staff proficiency in MOD/MED PROS and other requirements resulted in Full Medical Readiness (FMR) for the Army National Guard.

WHG VA Marion and Fort Wayne Indiana Contract - WHG has well rounded experience and skill in all phases of healthcare staffing including primary/specialty physicians, psychiatric/behavior health providers, physician extenders, psychologists, social workers, certified and registered nurses, dentist, pharmacists, allied and ancillary providers and medical technicians. This story demonstrates our versatility supporting an ER and Medical Officer of the Day effort for the VA. This also reflects our ability to overcome challenges of the environment and the unique requirements of the contract. For example, this contract was carried out in a fairly rural area with a limited number of providers and the competitive nature of salaries for providers in high demand for the area.
We begin this start up with identifying, recruiting/credentialing, hiring/on boarding and orienting and training. The task required covering Admitting and Emergency Area of both Marion and Fort Wayne Indiana campuses. We required 15 board certified physicians with 4+ years post residency in Internal, Emergency and Family specialties. The physicians support complex Emergency Room occupational health and MOD processes. We had to plan for and back up physicians for scheduled and unscheduled leave and surge contingencies. We scheduled an average of 510 hours monthly plus backfill as necessary. Schedules were required 15 days prior. Administration and managerial support included interface/coordination with VA staff. This was mainly a 24/7 operation which WHG Primed outstandingly for almost 10 years. Our kept fill rate for this contract at 98 percent. We managed the contract so well the VA has taken several of our providers as VA employees.


  • 518210 - Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services
  • 519190 - All Other Information Services
  • 541511 - Custom Computer Programming Services
  • 541512 - Computer Systems Design Services
  • 541513 - Computer Facilities Management Services
  • 541519 - Other Computer Related Services
  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
  • 541612 - Human Resources Consulting Services
  • 541613 - Marketing Consulting Services
  • 541614 - Process, Physical Distribution, and Logistics Consulting Services
  • 541618 - Other Management Consulting Services
  • 561110 - Office Administrative Services
  • 561210 - Facilities Support Services
  • 561320 - Temporary Help Services
  • 561499 - All Other Business Support Services
  • 561920 - Convention and Trade Show Organizers
  • 561990 - All Other Support Services
  • 611430 - Professional and Management Development Training
  • 611699 - All Other Miscellaneous Schools and Instruction
  • 611710 - Educational Support Services
  • 621111 - Offices of Physicians (except Mental Health Specialists)
  • 621112 - Offices of Physicians, Mental Health Specialists
  • 621210 - Offices of Dentists
  • 621330 - Offices of Mental Health Practitioners (except Physicians)
  • 621340 - Offices of Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists, and Audiologists
  • 621399 - Offices of All Other Miscellaneous Health Practitioners
  • 621420 - Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse Centers
  • 621498 - All Other Outpatient Care Centers
  • 621511 - Medical Laboratories
  • 621512 - Diagnostic Imaging Centers
  • 621610 - Home Health Care Services
  • 621999 - All Other Miscellaneous Ambulatory Health Care Services
  • 622110 - General Medical and Surgical Hospitals
  • 622310 - Specialty (except Psychiatric and Substance Abuse) Hospitals
  • 623110 - Nursing Care Facilities
  • 624110 - Child and Youth Services
  • 624120 - Services for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities
  • 624190 - Other Individual and Family Services
  • 624230 - Emergency and Other Relief Services
  • 624410 - Child Day Care Services
  • 812210 - Funeral Homes and Funeral Services
  • 813212 - Voluntary Health Organizations
  • 813319 - Other Social Advocacy Organizations

“Excellence is our motto; total client satisfaction is our goal”